YARDBIRD - Southern Fried Chicken

Quality chicken, old school hip-hop, low lights, neon signs - Yardbird is coming to town.

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Yardbird to bring premium fried chicken & Southern hospitality right onto our doorstep - in fact, right into our beloved ground floor restaurant & bar!

Yardbird is bringing its own distinct style to Steinen. Fried chicken is one of the biggest food trends of our time – internationally; it’s comfort food which is ideal for sharing and fits any occasion.

Their chicken is 100% locally sourced in Switzerland. Not only are the chickens reared locally, the eggs come from Switzerland too! The meat is brined for 24h, double-fried to a crispy buttermilk crust.

Of course, most of the dishes can be ordered as an equally good alternative for vegetarian or vegan guests.

Grand opening: May 19th 2022.

Stay tuned for  your dose of chicken grandeur


Yardbird Basel