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Welcome to the ART HOUSE hotel, where history comes alive and every guest is part of the creative heritage of this unique city. Surrounded by bars and restaurants and only a few steps away from sights of art, culture and architecture, ART HOUSE rises strikingly and elegantly from the ground. And offers you a cozy and comfortable retreat in the middle of the urban jungle.

Steinenvorstadt was once known as Kinostrasse - even though the era of traditional cinemas is over, the artistic aspirations live on in our hotel. Photographs of old cinemas adorn our walls, and we do everything we can to create a hotel experience that is dedicated to the artistic heritage of Steinenvorstadt. Welcome to a stay that not only lets you check in, but also immerses you in the fascinating history of this neighborhood.


Servants & Servants


City, Art & Culture, Sustainability


Andrea Caputo, Salomé Fäh



"We are constantly testing new ways to become even more sustainable."

Local products

Whenever possible, we work with producers from the region.


We recycle waste, use refillable care products and choose natural products instead of plastic wherever possible.


The building was built to the Swiss Minergie standard and has an economical LED lighting concept.

Fair conditions

We offer fair working conditions in terms of working hours, health, safety and training opportunities.


The ART HOUSE immediately catches the eye with its striking natural stone façade, interspersed with large windows, each as high and wide as the rooms behind it. These reflect the magnificent façade of the former music hall and movie theater opposite, creating a link between ART HOUSE and the historic building. The simple, solid and functional design pervades the entire house, right down to the room furnishings.

Another fascinating element is "The Window" - a window on the first floor that offers a view of the passage between Steinenbachgässlein and Steinenvorstadt.

During construction, the team came across building remains and informed the archaeology department of the city of Basel. They documented the artifacts that were discovered during the construction work. Today, our visitors are also sent on a journey of discovery, beyond the hotel room to the national border.

Diener & Diener

Interior design:
Andrea Caputo, Salomé Fäh

"I really like the design and have done for a long time, which is why I always like going there! Breakfast and breakfast room are exclusive!"

Peter, 2023

From the outside, the ART HOUSE Basel immediately catches the eye - with its dark, significant natural stone façade - Alcántara Black, a black hornfels from Spain. Simple, solid and functional design runs through the entire building like a common thread.

Our team


We live flat hierarchies and only look down from above when we are on our beautiful terrace. We value diversity - from our team, from our guests, from our hotel. Unagitated but motivated, with rules and leeway, open to tradition and change, we continue to develop ourselves and the company. So that the ART HOUSE remains what it is today for a long time to come: our second home. And that's what we want it to be for you too.


We want our guests to feel both connected and inspired. Few things achieve this on such a deep, emotional level as art.

- Antoine Faeh